Hear what our clients are saying about The Seal

“Even in a very, very tough job market, The Seal helps us hire the BEST and SAFEST team members. We have confidence to charge higher prices than our competitors because we can demonstrate we’re worth it.”

AC Lockyer, CEO

“In our decade of partnership, The Seal has completely transformed our business by giving us something to compete on other than just price. Third-party verification is the key.”

Brandon Vaughn, CEO

“Having 3rd-party verification of our insurance and licenses, and then talking about our employee background checks with our customers has really helped us close more deals and open new doors in the communities we serve.”

Pete Happy

Cool Today Client Logo“We have over 30,000 customer email addresses, over 750 Google reviews and a few hundred Facebook reviews that we would not have without The Seal.”

Jaime DiDomenico, President

Thornton & Grooms client logo“At Thornton & Grooms, delivering professional service to our customers is our brand.  The Seal complements our brand and helps us differentiate from other home service providers.  The pre-appointment emails with employees’ photos & background check info reassure our customers that they can trust our people in their homes.  We love the reviews & daily customer satisfaction feedback we get from the post-service emails.  We have been very satisfied with the performance of The Seal’s programs and totally impressed with their willingness to listen to our feedback & requests and then implement them.  They’re always improving and great at communicating with us.  I endorse The Seal 100%!”

Dave Knight, Sales Manager | Brand Manager | Partner

All Clean client logo

“The Seal has been a game-changer for our company. The peace of mind our customers have when they receive SEAL-MAIL with our technicians’ photos & bios is invaluable. Oftentimes, our customers greet our technicians by name when they open the door! The extra touch sets us apart from every competitor. Once a customer hears what we provide through The Seal, they don’t want to use anyone else.”

Brandon Vaughn, President

Arry's Roofing client logo

“The Seal is a game changer for us. It is a way for us to differentiate ourselves in a way that is valuable to our customers.”

Arry Housh, Owner

Badger Bob client Logo

“We had 11 Google reviews when we started using The Seal for review generation. A few months later we have well over 100 thanks to The Seal.”

Rich Kesteloot, General Manager

Patriot Plumbing client logo

“The Seal has been an important part of our successful process! Customers love to receive our appointment reminders with a bio of the tech scheduled to help them. And what a great resource for our technicians to use when trying to close the deals by showing them all our wonderful reviews!”

Javier Hoggard, Owner

NatureZone Pest Control client logo

“We were interested in differentiating our company to the public. We wanted to assure our customers that our employee background checks could be verified by a reputable company.”

Doug Longfellow, Owner

Energy Air client logo“We close a few more jobs a month in the slow season and a couple more jobs a week in the busy season thanks to the Seal of Security & Confidence.”

Paul, Sales Representative

“One of our subcontractors told us he was in the Army Reserves, and he had been called to duty a few times during our 10-year relationship. After signing up for background checks with The Seal, we found out he was in jail for burglarizing homes during his supposed calls to duty.”

Anonymous Service Provider 

S&W Kitchens client logo“The Seal provides a layer of confidence to our customers that our company has been checked by a 3rd-party source and can verify that we’re a reputable company.”

Krista Agapita, Regional Sales Manager

Veterans Cleaning client logo“The first call I went on after signing up for The Seal, the customer told me after I got the job that when they got the email with my photo, bio and proof of background check, she and her husband decided that no matter what we charged, they were going with us.”

Jim McDonough, President

Tropical Plumbing client logo“We recently reviewed last year’s budget and performance. This was one of the few programs we saw actual results from and it was one of the least expensive things we did all year. Thanks for this great program.”

Leo Denelsbeck, Vice President

Ace Solves it All client logo“We’re mostly in residences all day long, and security is a big issue. Our investment in background-checking our employees pays dividends in repeat and referral business.”

Charlie Depari, Owner

VestaWash client logo“We have used The Seal for over 5 years.  Our competition ranges from a guy in a pick-up truck to multi-crew operations. With The Seal, my customers have peace of mind knowing my employees have been screened. It helps position us as the professional company in our market, and this increased value translates to increased sales.”

Tim Teed, Owner