We Build Reputations

Make a Five Star impression on your customers, and avoid the price trap by building trust and reputation.

Create a Five star Impression

The Seal has a proven system that helps ensure 5-star interactions with your customers. Begin to delight them before your reps arrive onsite.

Generate more Five star reviews

The Seal’s review generation system will help you multiply your online reviews and increase your average customer rating.

Build a Five star reputation

Don’t just manage your online reputation. The Seal helps you build your reputation, drive new business, and increase your volume of referral leads.

Eliminate low-end competition

Change the conversation to something bigger than price. Let your customers know that their safety & security is your top priority.

Obtain More email addresses

Our one-of-a-kind service combined with our CSR training enables you to collect email addresses from more than 95% of your customers.

Improve close rates & margins

Distinguish your company from the competition, close more business at higher margins, and increase customer satisfaction.

We Changed Our Name

We have changed our name from Ask The Seal to The Seal. Look for some great new products and broader service offerings along with our new branding.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us
Jaime DiDomenico, President

“We have over 30,000 customer email addresses, over 750 Google reviews and a few hundred Facebook reviews that we would not have without The Seal.”


Arry Housh, Owner

“The Seal is a game changer for us. It is a way for us to differentiate ourselves in a way that is valuable to our customers.”


Doug Longfellow, Owner

“We were interested in differentiating our company to the public. We wanted to assure our customers that our employee background checks could be verified by a reputable company.”


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Ready to make a 5-star impression?

Consumers Love The Seal

“The Seal makes it easy to find contractors we can trust.”



“The Seal helped us feel really secure about having a service tech in our home with our children”



“I loved getting an email with a photo and background of my technician. 5 Stars!”


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    Field service providers are driving sales and generating high volumes of 5-star Google reviews by integrating TheSeal.com with their scheduling & dispatch software platform.Over the past few years, many Seal clients have vastly improved close rates by making employee background checks an integral part of their sales and scheduling processes.  At the same time, they’ve […]
  • Why Consumers Buy on Price
    Contractors are quick to blame consumers for being cheap or unwilling to spend money when they lose to another contractor. In fact, they sometimes lose deals to higher bids because they were out sold. Many of the lost sales are due to price, but it is too simplistic to say the consumer just bought on […]
  • Emailing Employee Photo
    Many companies send an email to their customer with a photo of the employee coming to their home or business. People like to know that they are opening for the correct person and not some random person ringing their doorbell.Sending a photo of the person going to a home or business in advance is a […]
  • Background Checking Home Service Providers
    Background checking home service workers is essential to keeping your home, valuables and family safe. Many home service related crimes happen up to six months or more after the actual service call.Many home service companies who claim to background check their employees do not. Many of the those that do, perform incomplete or incorrect internet […]
  • Why do Contractors Charge so Much?
    You have a college degree, a respectable white collar job and you work hard, but you don’t make $100 an hour. That would be $200,000 per year! Where do contractors come off charging over $100 per hour for labor when they aren't paying their technicians anything near that? Let’s take a look. A brutally efficient […]